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Recent Editorial Reviews:

Root and Branch

"Intelligent and indelible. A shrewdly written tale with a robust cast of characters and a frightening intifada in the U.S." Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

"Thriller fans with a taste for politics will devour this exciting investigation into dangerous government overreach and the mangling of civil liberties in a time of crisis." Booklife by Publishers Weekly (Editor's Pick)

"Preston Fleming has crafted a brilliant novel…that delves into the question of human rights in the face of governments overstepping their bounds." Pacific Book Review (Starred Review)

"ROOT AND BRANCH is a powerful book evoking memories of post 9/11… A book to be read and deeply pondered." San Francisco Book Review (Star Rating 5/5)

"A relentlessly entertaining, sophisticated and intelligent political thriller that is a must-read for fans of Ken Follett, Robert Harris and Daniel Silva."

Maid of Baikal

"Fleming achieves the near impossible in this long book, keeping dozens of plots spinning...and the reader is placed in the unusual and invigorating position of watching history come alive with no idea of how it's going to end. A Russian war story that lives and breathes from a writer at the peak of his powers."Kirkus Reviews

"Creating a Tolstoy-like epic, Fleming shares a realistic, vivid world within the Russian Civil War with rich, multi-dimensional characters that reveal various aspects of humanity as seen in wartime, all made more fascinating by the question "What if?" If you love historical fiction and you're open to speculative circumstances different to that of historical facts, then you will enjoy Maid of Baikal."The Copperfield Review

"MAID OF BAIKAL is an intriguing tale of war, miracles and the power of faith that is sure to engross history lovers." Feathered Quill Book Reviews

"Rich in detail and the complexities of historical nuances, MAID OF BAIKAL offers a comprehensive and immersive look at the Russian Civil War. Fleming's novel holds within its heart the finest quality of the historical fiction genre."Pacific Book Review

"MAID OF BAIKAL is an incredible read that ensnares readers and pulls them deep into Russian history... Highly polished and shining to a powerful glow, MAID OF BAIKAL appeals to readers of any genre and highlights an author to watch."San Francisco Book Review

"In MAID OF BAIKAL, Preston Fleming has spun a yarn full of originality with a unique approach giving us a rather positive alternate storyline of what might have happened if the White Russians, the Yanks, the British as well as God above had cooperated in the years following World War I... It's a refreshing perspective in this era of dystopian fears for our future to imagine instead what might have happened if Lenin and Trotsky had failed."

Forty Days at Kamas

"A brutal portrait of a dystopian America, full of dramatic irony and shocking revelation."Kirkus Reviews

"A page-turner…moves at a solid clip. An overtly political story that succeeds as entertainment."Pacific Book Review

"Weighty in ideas, Fleming’s book is both informative and deeply disturbing and provides an intriguing read."San Francisco Book Review

"Masterfully paints a grim landscape with believable detail and vivid characters."

Star Chamber Brotherhood

"A full-bodied thriller relayed by a consummate storyteller."Kirkus Reviews

"Politically charged entertainment with an engaging protagonist and a tightly machined plot moving smoothly toward resolution."Pacific Book Review

"An engaging fast-paced thriller. Reader will spend pleasant hours rooting for a team of assassins."

Exile Hunter

"Pure energy in print form, whether the characters are being pursued or simply talking; Fleming has proven himself a craftsman."Kirkus Reviews

"As with all of Preston Fleming's previous books, EXILE HUNTER weaves together the harsh realities of personal betrayal, physical torment, emotional pain, and a spiritual quest with astute intelligence."

Dynamite Fishermen

"Conrad Prosser, immersed in the civil disorder of early-‘80s Beirut, employs whatever means are necessary to expose the organization behind a series of car bombings. The possibility of bloodshed at any moment keeps the story at an elevated level of suspense. Even the more languid moments move with a searing undertone. Uncertainty among the characters, coupled with relentless gunfire and explosions, make for an extraordinary novel, each page as eruptive as the city providing the setting."Kirkus Reviews

"Dynamite Fishermen is an absolute stunner of a novel. It’s clear Fleming has done his research and it shows in the seamless dialogue and the ease at which he tackles the task of conveying the wartime ambiance. This is a must-read for history buffs - although I feel strongly everyone will enjoy the rapid pace and captivating suspense. Fleming is a writer deserving of many accolades."San Francisco Book Review

"In Dynamite Fishermen, Preston Fleming depicts heedless violence as a way of life from the perspective of an American intelligence officer. The story falls during a lull in the long running Lebanese civil war, a period plagued by daily car bombings, civilian shootings, artillery attacks and other mayhem. As many details of this conflict continue to reverberate today, this intelligently written novel provides a compelling page-turner and a memorable story."Pacific Book Review

"More than memorable…Captures Beirut's harsh terrain in a vibrant, fast-paced story."

Bride of a Bygone War

"A CIA agent in Beirut fears his past has caught up to him in the riveting second volume of the Beirut Trilogy. The winding plotlines make for a gloriously elaborate story as the drama plays against a fiery backdrop of civil war. The inescapable violence acts as a foreboding presence: a cease-fire breaks the night the agent arrives in Beirut, where he sleeps in a building riddled with bullets as explosions light up the sky. The rapidly developing plot burns through pages faster than the first time Fleming took us to Beirut. An intelligent thriller teeming with vigor."Kirkus Reviews

"Fleming provides a sharp sense of place and time. The various threads mesh fairly well in a believable portrait of how professional liars and secret-keepers navigate love and war. The well-machined flow of the story displays Fleming's skill as a writer of literate, thoughtful thrillers that have more to share than a mastery of genre mechanics."San Francisco Book Review

"BRIDE OF A BYGONE WAR is an engaging look at the Lebanese war. BRIDE has the feel of an insider's look behind the secrecy and complexity of the multiple players in the region. Beyond the people that Fleming writes about, it is the setting that really shines. The descriptions of the city and the countryside, along with the ebb and flow of daily life really make BRIDE shine outside of the conventional spy thriller."Pacific Book Review

"An intelligence officer who has dodged making decisions and cleaning up his messes is forced to face the consequences, showing resourcefulness and decency…when at last he must. Fleming does know how to spin a yarn…his fiction has more verisimilitude than many others in the genre."